Additional details

Additional details: You can rest in one of our comfortable lounges with free wifi, magazines, future events and more. Lounge #1 is ideal for calm conversations. The Lounge #2 is more suited for frantic fun since it has a TV with a Playstation®* 4 with 2 controllers and some games. Both rooms have a reading space.

Additional details
The Room #2

Furthermore, you can see the ocean in a relaxing manner in any of our terraces.

Terrace #1
The Terrace #2
Terrace #3

Other additional details involve or Petiso vessel. You can also enter our Petiso vessel. In Petiso, you can celebrate with a toast at night and sail the sea at any part of the day. Petiso has a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and lounge with TV.

Stern of Petiso
Petiso from the right side
The Petiso from the left side
Additional boat #1
Additional boat #2
Petiso’s table with pufs
Seasight from Petiso
Petiso’s table with a chair
Petiso’s recliners
Petiso’s table with corkscrew, white wine, bowl, glass, wine glass, silverware and place mat
Petiso’s bathroom
Petiso’s dining room
Petiso’s kitchen
Petiso’s bedroom

*Playstation is a registered trademark from Sony Interactive Entertainment and from Sony Corporation.

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