What is the schedule for the check-in/check-out of the hotel?

The schedule for check-in is at 3:00 p.m. The schedule for check-out is at 12:00 p.m. In case of any issue, or lost of any item, you can contact us. We will be available 24/7.

How many bedrooms do you have?

We have 8 bedrooms.

Are there any connected bedrooms?

No. All bedrooms are separated, none of them are connected.


Do i need an I.D or a Passport in order to get a bedroom?

Yes. You need to show a D.N.I (Peruvian I.D, only for Peruvian citizens); an I.D from your country and/or Passport (foreign citizen) in order to check-in for your bedroom. Please make sure that the document you show is valid and that it shows the correct information. We reserve the right to deny your check-in to any bedroom in case your document is not valid, is forged or you have any criminal charge which would not allow you to enter the hotel under any circumstance. We will report to the authorities any usage of a forged document.

Is there any additional charge for a late check-out?

[Price to be defined]

Which payment methods are valid for the hotel, the bedroom and other services?

Casa Paracas only accepts Visa credit cards, for now. We also accept Paypal as a payment method. We accept Airbnb as a reservation method. We do not accept any cryptocurrency (please do not insist).

You can only pay for your bedroom with a credit/debit card. In case you prefer to pay with cash, we only cash transfers in Peruvian soles, U.S dollars and euros. We do not accept banknotes nor coins in the lobby.

We reserve the right to deny your check-in to any room in case your credit/debit card is expired and/or you don’t have any credit. We will report to the authorities any usage of forged/stolen credit/debit cards.


Is it safe to give you the information of my credit card by phone or website?

We safely keep any information given to us. Your information is kept in a private manner in order to corroborate all completed payments. You can contact us in case you think any part of your information may have been leaked. We suggest that you reserve your bedroom through our official channels (website, phone, email or Airbnb). We are not responsible for the usage of your information done by other companies in case you do not use our official channels.

Who can I contact in case I have any doubt regarding my invoice?

In case you have any doubt regarding your invoice*, you can contact us through the phone numbers and email shown at the bottom of our website. Also, you can contact us through our contact form in the contact section of our website. If you are still in the hotel when you have said doubt, you can speak with our staff about it. Our staff will be willing and joyous to solve any doubt you may have.

*Peru has two terms, in Spanish, regarding invoices/bills. In Peru, the “boleta” is a payment receipt for natural persons and the “factura” is the payment receipt for companies. The terms may be interchangeable in other countries/languages. Please check, whether you pay your stay on your own or your company pays it, how you may need to file yor invoice depending on who pays and whether you pay from your country of origin. Any price presented in Peruvian soles already has the I.G.V (Impuesto General de Ventas; General Sales Tax), 18% of the original price. The prices in U.S dollars and euros may or may not include I.G.V. A consumption charge may be applied for certain services. Any tip is voluntary.

Can I enter the hotel with my pet?

No. No pets are allowed. Any support animal however, such as guide dogs, are allowed if they have the pertinent permit present. We recommend to communicate to us with anticipation in case you come to the hotel with an animal of that kind.


Is this hotel equipped in order to attend people with limited mobility?

The staff can be requested for support regarding people with limited mobility at any moment.

Which are the schedules and restrictions of age regarding the breakfast buffet?

The breakfast buffet is available for people of any age. We give attention preference to people of third age, people which are incapacitated/with limited mobility, pregnant women and parents with kids, according to the Law No. 27408 (No. of law according to Peru).

The breakfast buffet starts at 6:00 a.m and ends at 11:00 a.m. The food in the restaurant can only be eaten inside it.

We reserve the right to exclude from the restaurant any person that disturbs the peace. Any illicit conduct in the restaurant will be reported to the authorities.

We serve alcoholic beverages only in the vessel, we do not serve those beverages in the breakfast buffet. We only serve alcoholic beverages to adults (18 years old or older, regardless of country of origin), according to the Article No. 5 of the Law No. 28681 (No. of law according to Peru).

Do I need to reserve my table in order to get access to the breakfast buffet?

It is not necessary to reserve any table in order to get access to the breakfast buffet. The capacity of the restaurant is limited. In case you want to guarantee your table in order to not wait too much time during peak hours, you can reserve a table for the breakfast buffet by speaking to our staff.

The reservation schedule for a table for the breakfast buffet is from 6:00 p.m until 10:00 p.m in the day prior to your breakfast or from 6:00 a.m until 10:00 a.m for the same day.

The reservation is given for a specific hour. In case you do not arrive at your table up to an hour after the hour established, you will lose your reservation. In case you get to the lobby in the previously mentioned reservation schedule and the reservations are full, we ask that you wait until the following day or ask a member of our staff so he/she can communicate with you in case a reservation is cancelled.

We reserve the right to deny you the possibility of reservation and the entrance to the restaurant due to previous peace disturbances or previous criminal conduct.


Does this hotel have a bar?

No. Casa Paracas does not have any bar, at the moment.

Does the restaurant have any special diet (vegetarian, halal, kosher, etc.)?

The breakfast buffet has vegetarian items. We do not have any other special diet.

Is there a dress code for the restaurant or the vessel?

The breakfast buffet does not have a strict dress code. You can get to the buffet with almost any type of clothes.

We recommend using a swimsuit of any kind for the vessel in case the water splashes the vessel. We recommend using sport casual clothing, or elegant clothing, for the nights.

You can’t enter the restaurant with a pajama or swimsuit, specially any wet swimsuit. Please do not insist.


Which airlines can fly towards Paracas, Peru?

The LC Bruce airline offers flights from Lima to Paracas. The Jorge Chavez international airport, in Lima, Peru, receives flights from many international cities in various countries and through many main airlines across the world.

Are there any car rental agencies in Paracas?

You can rent a car in Paracas through tourism agencies, a particular person or an app. We do not offer car rentals.

Do you offer wedding services?

No. We do not offer wedding services at the moment.


Which are the main tourist attractions to see in Paracas?

During your stay in Paracas, we recommend that you visit: the Paracas Peninsula, with a stunning sight to behold; the Ballestas Islands, in order to be close to the area’s particular fauna and the Paracas national reserve, a lagoon with natural ambience. We also recommend to try the Pisco and wine of the area and to sandsurf the dunes, or to go over the dunes with a dune buggy.

Are there any activities for children?

The restaurant, the bedrooms and the vessel are all available for children. Children can have fun with the wifi we offer, the suitable cable channels and the Playstation®* 4 available in the lounge #2. We do not offer child parties. Children should always be accompanied with their parents or legal guardians in the restaurant and the vessel.

The wifi and the cable are available 24/7. The vessel, for every person, is available from 8:00 am. until 12:00 am. The Playstation®* 4 is only available from 8:00 am. until 10:00 pm.

*Playstation is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment and of Sony Corporation.

Can I reserve touristic activities in Paracas in this hotel?

We do not give reservations for touristic activities in Paracas at the moment. We recommend checking out nearby tourism agencies.


Do you have a swimming pool?

No. We do not have a swimming pool. We recommend going to the beaches that are nearby the hotel.

Is smoking allowed?

No. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the hotel, be it the lobby, restaurant or even the bedrooms and bathrooms. We do not have a smoking room at the moment.

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