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Locate Us: Casa Paracas is located in the balneario of Paracas approximately 250 km south of Lima. This hotel is in the El Chaco district of Paracas. Here you can take advantage of the warm summer weather almost all year round.

Location of Casa Paracas

How to get here


  1. From Lima, Peru, you can take the South Pan-American Highway to go to Paracas. The total stretch can last about 3 hours, depending on which part of Lima you start traveling from, and the trip lasts for around 250 km. The route contains tolls, it is recommended to have cash at hand.
  2. At the South Pan-American Highway, turn right at 614. Follow the 614 to a fork where you should turn left on Via A Paracas. In Vía a Paracas, turn right to get to El Chaco. Once in El Chaco, turn right towards the Alameda García and to the left in the same alameda. In 47 meters, after the last turn, the hotel is on the right.


  1. You can take a bus to get to Paracas from several bus stations in Lima, Peru. The prices of the buses vary according to the brand, stations and time / day of the trip.
  2. We communicate that the Oltursa agency in Paracas is the closest to the hotel. When you get there by bus, you can walk to the hotel in 3 minutes, walking 200 meters. From the door of that agency, as you leave it, you must turn left in El Chaco and turn left towards the Alan García Alameda. Once there, continue for one block in the Alameda and from there turn to the right. Continue for 130 meters and you will see the hotel on your left.


  1. Jorge Chávez International Airport (IATA: LIM) in Lima, Peru receives international flights from various parts of the world. Once in Lima, you can take a flight to the Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera Airport (IATA: PIO) in Pisco, Ica, the closest airport to Paracas.
  2. From the Pisco Airport, you can take a taxi to get to the hotel. That taxi would take about 14 minutes.

Locate Us: Our address is: Alameda Alan García Mza. B Lot 16, Urb. El Chaco, Paracas, Pisco, Ica, Peru.

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