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Casa Paracas location

Casa Paracas is located in the peruvian south shore, nearby the beach of Paracas. This hotel is in El Chaco in Paracas. Here, you can enjoy the warm summer weather throughout almost the whole year.

Our address is: Alan García Blvd. Block. B Lot 16, R.A. El Chaco, Paracas, Pisco, Ica, Peru.

How to get here


-You can go to Paracas by car as you drive 3 hours in the South Pan-American Highway (south from Lima) from Lima towards Paracas. One must pay S/.14 (US$4.27/€3.94 aprox.) in tolls in the Pan-American highway while already outside of metropolitan Lima.

-When going by car from Lima towards Paracas, take the 614 exit, in the 245th (152.236th mile) Km, in the South Pan-American highway; then go all the way down the 614 exit and turn left in “Vía a Paracas”. In the fork in that “vía”, turn right towards El Chaco street. From there, turn right towards Alan Garcia Blvd. and in the Blvd, turn left. Keep straight for 2 blocks and you will arrive at the hotel.


-You can also take a bus from Lima straight to Paracas for an estimated price between S/.40 (US$12.20/€11.27 aprox.) and S/.50 (US$15.24/€14.08 aprox.). We recommend that you take an Oltursa brand bus in order to arrive to a bus agency that is really close to the hotel.

-If you went to Pisco by bus, you can take a taxi from the Peru Bus Pisco station (27 minutes). If you used an Oltursa brand bus, you probably arrived in the Oltursa Paracas Agency, which is 3 minutes away, by foot, from the hotel. From there, we recommend that (if you are looking at the street from the agency) you go left towards the Alan Garcia blvd. Turn right in the blvd. after you have walked on it for one block. Go straight for a block and a half and you will arrive at the hotel.


-Take a flight to Lima, Peru (Jorge Chávez Airport, IATA: LIM) from your city of origin and, from Lima, fly towards the Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera Airport (IATA: PIO) in Pisco, or the Las Dunas Airport (ICAO: SPLH) in Ica.

-In order to get to the Alameda (Walk/Grove) Alan Garcia, you can take a taxi from the Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera Airport (14 minutes) or from the Las Dunas Airport (58 minutes).

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