Other services

The main additional services we offer are: free wifi, 2 living or rest rooms, 1 game room, the terrace with sea view and the possibility of renting the hotel’s catamaran, ATVs, etc.

Living room #1
Game room
Terrace #1
Terrace #2
Living room #2 in the terrace
Stern of Petiso
Petiso from the right side
Petiso from the left side
Additional boat #1
Additional boat #2
Petiso’s table with pufs
Seasight from Petiso
Petiso’s table with white wine
Petiso’s recliners
Petiso’s table with corkscrew, white wine, bowl, glass, wine glass, silverware and place mat
Petiso’s bathroom
Petiso’s dining room
Petiso’s kitchen
Petiso’s bedroom
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